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Drivers have little choice but to share the road with commercial trucks and tractor-trailers. While most truck drivers are highly trained and have commercial driver’s licenses, truck accidents are far too common, often resulting in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side.

At My.Attorney, our legal team is comprised of veteran personal injury attorneys with extensive experience handling truck accidents in the state of Florida. We leverage our knowledge of truck safety and negligence laws to obtain substantial compensation for our clients. Knowing that being injured or losing a loved one in a truck accident is a devastating experience, we will offer you guidance, compassion, and aggressive legal representation. When you consult us, you will have peace of mind, knowing that we will fight for every dollar you deserve. For a free evaluation of your case, download the My.Attorney app today or give us a call at #4LAW.

What are the common causes of a truck accident in Florida?

There are a number of factors that contribute to car accidents:

  • Driver fatigue — Truckers face strict delivery deadlines and often cover vast distances
  • Distracted driving — Commercial truckers rely on GPS technology to plot their routes and smartphones to communicate
  • Driving under the influence — Some truckers may rely on illegal substances to stay alert on long hauls
  • Improper loading — Overweight and shifting cargo can make a commercial truck more difficult to maneuver
  • Improper maintenance — Federal laws require commercial trucks to undergo routine maintenance and inspections
  • Inexperienced drivers — Trucking companies often put new truckers on the road too quickly
  • Reckless driving — Truckers often travel at excessive speeds, make improper lane changes, or take curves too quickly
  • Poor weather and road conditions — Heavy rains and wind, and wet and icy roads make truck driving more difficult

Truck Accidents Are Often the Result of Safety Law Violations

Trucking companies and truck drivers must abide by a host of state and federal truck safety laws. First, trucking companies have a duty to properly maintain their vehicles. Braking systems, steering mechanisms, lights, engines, and other mechanical parts must function properly at all times. Truckers are also required to properly vet and train new drivers. A trucking company that fails to maintain its vehicles or that puts inexperienced drivers on the road can be held liable for truck accidents that result in injuries and wrongful death.

While all drivers are legally required to operate their vehicles in a safe manner and avoid causing injuries to others, truck drivers are held to a higher standard than other motorists. Truckers must obtain a commercial drivers license (CDL) and have special skills. They are also required to follow federal safety rules that limit the amount of time they drive and mandate regular rest breaks. Truckers who violate these rules can be held liable for accidents that result in injuries, and the trucking company may also share in the culpability.

Truck Accident Classifications

Truck accidents occur in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Rollovers — Speeding can trigger a truck rollover, as can improperly handling of steep inclines or declines, swerving around objects/other vehicles on the road, taking curves too quickly, or improperly loading cargo.
  • Jackknifes — When a tractor-trailer axle brakes lock, the trailer is prone to skid, tip over, and come to rest at a 90-degree angle with the trailer.
  • Brake failures — Improperly installed or poorly maintained brakes can fail while improper braking can cause overheating, particularly in heavy commercial trucks and tractor- trailers.
  • Runaway trucks — Truckers should apply brakes so that the truck’s speed is reduced gradually, otherwise, the brakes may fail, leading to a runaway truck accident.
  • Blind spots — Trucks and tractor-trailers have larger blind spots along the sides and rear of the truck (so-called No-Zone areas) that can jeopardize the safety of drivers who fail to avoid these blind spots.
  • Rear-end — Given the weight a typical commercial truck outweighs a passenger vehicle by several thousand pounds, a truck that rear-ends a smaller vehicle can cause catastrophic injuries to its occupants.
  • Under-ride — Occurs when a tractor-trailer stops without warning and vehicles traveling behind become pinned under the rear trailer, resulting in devastating injuries and fatalities.
  • Wide turn — If a truck driver underestimates the amount of space needed to complete a turn or fails to notice smaller vehicles in the path of a trailer, the vehicle can be pinned against guardrails, medians, vehicles and other obstacles.

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If you have been injured in a truck accident, My.Attorney will work tirelessly to help you obtain compensation for the harm you have endured. If a loved one has been killed in a truck accident, we can help you find justice and peace of mind by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Above all, we will offer you knowledge and compassion and the personal attention you deserve. For a free consultation, download the My.Attorney app today, call at at #4LAW or fill out the contact form.